Becoming a CRES partner

Collis Solutions (CRES) is a Swiss based software company specialising in multilingual internet web sites and administration systems.

Our unique ‘partnership’ business model offers you a risk free opportunity to develop an internet presence by absorbing all of the financial costs normally associated with commissioning and developing a bespoke internet site. Please note this is not an offer to add your business to any existing site, it is an offer to provide you with your own web site with supporting administration system, tailored to your specific requirements that will represent your business on the internet.

What do CRES get out of this arrangement ? We will invest our time, money and expertise in your business in order to create a web presence that we hope will generate additional income streams for your business. CRES will become your partner in the internet venture and would receive an agreed commission on any income earned as a result of business generated through the site. If the site generates no business then you need pay us nothing. If the site is very successful, as we would hope, then we would all benefit from that success.

The partnership business model gives CRES an ongoing incentive to improve and develop your web presence as the more business we generate, the more income you receive and the more commission we can earn. As we want you to earn as much as possible, we will be working very hard to build this side of your business with you, not just for today, but for tomorrow and into the future to keep your business moving forward.

We are currently looking for additional partners and would be very interested in talking to you about your business and how we could help you develop a web presence.

If you would like to discuss becoming a partner or would like more information, please write to Brendan Collis or use the contact details below.

Collis Solutions
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Tél : (0041) 76 285 2362